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Looking for an engaging speaker, memorable presentation with powerful use of Multimedia and reggae music? Then book Dr. Leahcim Semaj, the president of Above or Beyond. He knew he had a special gift for sharing information when he won the Distinguished Teacher Award from Cornell University in his first year on the faculty. He has a unique ability to impact individuals and teams at all levels of education and socio-economic backgrounds, to become the best version of themselves. Dr. Semaj creates a participatory environment that keeps culturally diverse audiences fully engaged as he demystifies complex concepts that impact people’s lives.

Dr. Semaj ignites a transformational MINDSET SHIFT. Attendees routinely remind him of What he said in a presentation many years ago that impacted their lives in a sustainable manner. This Quantum Transformation Psychologist combines ancient wisdom with scientifically backed principles to bring fresh insight to old human problems.

Frequently requested Workshops

⦁ Preparing for and Thriving in Retirement
⦁ The Art of Leadership – From Manager to Leader.
⦁ The XYZ of Management – Managing Across the Generations.
⦁ Middle Managers as Midfield Players.
⦁ Change Can Not be Managed, It Must be Led.
⦁ Transforming and Managing Organizational Culture.
⦁ Mastering the Team Approach.
⦁ Work Life Balance

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