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The Best Is Yet To Come

For many, retirement is a word laden with mixed emotions. Some eagerly anticipate the freedom and leisure it promises, while others approach it with uncertainty and even trepidation. What if I told you that the best is yet to come? What if I revealed that retirement can be a time of incredible growth, joy, and purpose? Welcome to “The Best Is Yet to Come: A Psychologist’s Guide to Thriving in Retirement.” 

Body Works

I wrote “Body Works: Exercise, Fitness, Strength, and Longevity For The Anchor Leg” as a companion to The Best is Yet to Come. The focus is on the critical role of exercise and fitness in promoting longevity and a healthy lifestyle. The book delves into various aspects of physical health, including the importance of muscle mass, the effects of aging, and the benefits of a structured fitness and strength program. It emphasizes a holistic approach to health that integrates exercise, nutrition, and mental wellness. The book also addresses common myths surrounding longevity supplements and provides insights into effectively incorporating them into wellness routines.

How to Thrive in Retirement

The Podcast, “How to Thrive in Retirement”,  supports older individuals transitioning into retirement by educating, inspiring, and connecting them. The podcast covers psychological, emotional, and practical aspects of retirement beyond financial preparedness, featuring insights from Dr. Leahcim Semaj and other experts. It encourages listener interaction and community building, aiming to enhance retirees’ lives by promoting a holistic and empowered approach to happiness and longevity. The podcast also serves as a platform for Dr. Semaj’s professional services, enriching the longevity experience for its audience.

Key benefits and features

“The Best is Yet to Come: A Psychologist’s Guide to Thriving in Retirement” offers several key benefits and features that will prove valuable to its readers:

  1. Psychologically Informed: This book is unique in that it offers a psychological perspective on retirement, a phase of life often only discussed in terms of finance or health. This perspective acknowledges the mental and emotional adjustments necessary for a fulfilling retirement and offers readers strategies to manage this transition effectively.
  2. Historical Context: The initial chapters provide readers with an understanding of the origins and evolution of the concept of retirement in various cultures. This knowledge provides important context and makes readers aware of the societal constructs that may influence their perceptions of aging and retirement.
  3. Retirement Readiness Assessment: A crucial feature of this book is its tools and exercises designed to help readers assess their readiness for retirement. This helps identify areas where readers might need additional preparation or support.
  4. Stages of Adult Development: The book delves into Erik Erikson’s stages of adult development, equipping readers with insights about their psychological journey and how to navigate it successfully.
  5. Comprehensive Coverage: This book covers a wide array of topics relevant to retirement, from the physical and cognitive changes that occur with age to the impact of retirement on sexuality and emotional intelligence.
  6. Actionable Strategies: The book provides strategies to manage changes and potential challenges of retirement. Topics include maintaining physical health, slowing cognitive decline, reigniting sense of purpose, and choosing an “encore career.”
  7. Community Involvement: The book emphasizes the importance of staying involved and contributing to one’s community as a means to stay engaged, fulfilled, and mentally stimulated in retirement.
  8. Positivity and Empowerment: Above all, this book takes a positive, empowering approach to aging and retirement. It encourages readers to view retirement not as a conclusion, but as an exciting new phase filled with opportunities for growth and self-discovery.
  9. Workbook Sections: Each section of the book includes workbook portions to actively involve the reader in planning and preparing for their retirement. This feature ensures that the guidance provided is actionable and personalized to each reader’s unique situation.

In summary, “The Best is Yet to Come: A Psychologist’s Guide to Thriving in Retirement” stands out because of its comprehensive, psychologically-informed, and proactive approach to the topic of retirement.

About Dr. Leahcim Semaj


Dr. Semaj is one of the leading creative thinkers, problem solvers, and motivational speakers in the Caribbean and South Florida. He is also an accomplished psychologist and academic with a wealth of teaching and industry experience.

He has lectured at various institutions, including Cornell University in New York, where he was awarded the Best Teacher Prize.

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