About Dr. Leahcim Semaj

Dr. Semaj is one of the leading creative thinkers, problem solvers, and motivational speakers in the Caribbean and South Florida. He is also an accomplished psychologist and academic with a wealth of teaching and industry experience.

He has lectured at various institutions, including Cornell University in New York, where he was awarded the Best Teacher Prize.

Dr. Semaj has a PhD in Psychology from Rutgers University, NJ, an MS in Psychology from Rutgers University, and a BA (Cum Laude) Honors in Psychology from City College NY.

He also received pre- and post-doctoral fellowships in psychology from Educational Testing Service, PrincetonNJ.

Dr. Semaj started Above or Beyond back in 1994 (as the Job Bank), driven by his passion for helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential. His expertise in organizational psychology, job satisfaction, staff engagement, work values, work-life balance, and personal growth and development, has columnated with his insights for THE BEST IS YET TO COME: A Psychologist’s Guide to Thriving in Retirement.

He has helped both companies and individuals with consultations, presentations, and workshops as a Transformation Psychologist.

With a unique ability to impact individuals and teams at all levels of education and socio-economic backgrounds, of themselves. Dr. Semaj creates a participatory environment that keeps culturally diverse audiences fully engaged as he demystifies complex concepts that impact people’s lives.

Dr. Semaj ignites a transformational MIND SET SHIFT. Attendees routinely remind him of What he said in a presentation many years ago that impacted their lives in a sustainable manner. This Quantum Transformation Psychologist combines ancient wisdom with scientifically backed principles to bring fresh insights to old human problems.

Dr. Semaj's Philosophy and Approach to Retirement Psychology

  1. Holistic View: Dr. Semaj take a holistic view of retirement, acknowledging it as a significant life transition that affects various aspects of an individual’s life: psychological, physical, social, and even spiritual. This approach respects the interconnectedness of these aspects in shaping an individual’s experience of retirement.
  2. Psychological Growth: Dr. Semaj’s work with stages of adult development and emphasis on psychological well-being. He sees retirement not as an ending, but as a stage of life with potential for personal and psychological growth. It’s an opportunity to develop further, learn new skills, build new relationships, and engage with life in meaningful ways.
  3. Positive Aging: The book’s title, “The Best is Yet to Come,” implies a philosophy of positive aging. This involves embracing ‘saging’ and not just ‘aging’ as a natural part of life, focusing on its possibilities rather than its challenges, nurturing a positive mindset towards aging and retirement.
  4. Proactive Planning: Dr. Semaj’s approach involves proactive planning and readiness for retirement. This goes beyond financial planning to include preparing for the psychological, social, and health aspects of retirement.
  5. Adaptability and Flexibility: The use of workbooks indicates an emphasis on individual adaptability and flexibility. Each person’s experience of retirement will be different, and Dr. Semaj’s approach acknowledges this diversity and the need for personalized strategies.
  6. Community Engagement: Dr. Semaj stresses the importance of staying connected and contributing to one’s community during retirement, which is crucial for maintaining mental health, providing a sense of purpose, and promoting social interaction.
  7. Lifelong Learning: With sections devoted to lifelong learning and choosing an “encore career,” Dr. Semaj promotes the idea of continuing personal and professional development well into retirement.

━ Stories & credibility

Leahcim Semaj is a most sought after social commentator with an enormous capacity to reduce complex issues into easily digestible nuggets. He provides his listeners with incisive observations on a wide array of issues which he delivers with humour and sincerity. He is a fine example of equanimity and a commitment to reason”.

Clyde McKenzie cultural analyst


Dr. Semaj synthesizes academic theories, workplace best practices and real-world life skills in his consultation, presentations, and writings. Often, one conversation with him is all that is required to provide you with clarity to many of life’s challenges.

Dr. Arthur Lewin, Professor Emeritus, Baruch College of theCity University of New York


I pondered and rehashed several examples of how to capsule the impact of a man of Dr. Semaj’s intellect, communication skills rife with an analytical persuasion, then it dawned on me; Dr Leahcim Semaj is a “Value-Add to Livity”and how to maximize Life.

Irwine G Clare, Sr OD, – CEO, Team Jamaica Bickle, Inc. New York


An outstanding applied researcher, an innovative psychologist who mixes theory, experience, and the environment in the analysis of business conditions to benefit all stakeholders, and an eloquent presenter on topics that motivate individuals and build character, are just some of the terms that I can use to describe Dr. Leahcim Semaj.

As a leader in the understanding of human thought process, as a professional with a record of success, and as someone who has dedicated his life to effecting changes to improve relationships in business and our society, Dr. Leahcim Semaj, is truly a giant in the field of psychology.

Rupert Rhodd, PhD  – Associate Dean, College of Business – Florida Atlantic University


Dr Semaj’s firm academic grounding at the highest level has provided all the tools necessary to translate theory into practice at the workplace because he does not believe that “one cap fits all”. Dr Semaj uses a first-person and hands-on methodology to design effective communication tools for the specific group that he is charged to effect attitudinal change and improve confidence and productivity among any captive group. “Practice what you preach” is a well-worn adage that is epitomized by Dr Semaj who has been an international Communication Consultant to all levels of management. He has provided training to the top tier of a variety of professionals that straddle all aspects of Business, Education and Government in international boardrooms. In Dr Leahcim Semaj, your expectations will not just be merely satisfied but will soar above and beyond the expected standards in the field of Communication Training.



Not only do we believe that your ability to motivate and empower us to be more and do more, I also know that your type of presentation transcends ALL levels of expertise. It is truly an art to be able to speak to everyone across all barriers and to be able to connect at the same time.

Thank you for helping us continue to “polish our jewel” which is Round Hill. After all, it is our staff which will always be singled out by most of our guests as the single MOST important contributor to their extraordinary vacation experience.

Josef Forstmayr – Managing Director, Round Hill Hotel and Villas


Dr. Leahcim Semaj is current, progressive, and visionary. His work and research have helped frame an understanding of market, consumer and human behaviour.  His services at the Job Bank are effective in helping professionals, at any stage of life, eliminate the guess work out of career planning. His integrity, consistency and authenticity have earned him a reputation as one of Jamaica’s leading professionals who is highly sought after as speaker, mediator, strategist and coach.

Klao Bell Lewis PMP – Head of Communications at Caribbean Development Bank


Dr. Semaj communicated effectively with participants who were able to follow the proceedings with ease under his guidance. We particularly admired his professionalism and willingness to share his wide knowledge of business and other matters with the audience.

Dr Semaj and his team have consistently displayed excellence in their service to the Development Bank of Jamaica and we have no hesitation in recommending their services to other clients.

Milverton Reynolds – Development Bank of Jamaica


I have witnessed firsthand, Dr. Leahcim Semaj, doing presentations at speaking engagements, business, and leadership seminars and as an opinion leader and would say he is a renaissance man who brings an extraordinary intellect and analytic skills to any subject matter that he is asked to deliver on.

His clarity of thought and ability to put words together for explicating complex topics are without question. Indeed, a quintessential presenter, who gives of his best, whose purpose, I would say, is to enlighten and to make wiser the people he engages.

Trevor Smith, DBA – Senior Lecturer – University of the West Indies, Mona